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So I got email suggesting I do the livejournal thing. I figured why not? I don't feel especially creative now so this is all you bastards get.

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Why don't you answer MY email?


She's MARRIED, pervert.

Was that a flame?

It was my valentine.

Actually, I didn't suggest you do it, I just asked if you had. Really!

I don't answer email because it's too intimate. I prefer to publicize every aspect of my life.

I also don't like this friending thing. Scary. Suppose I friend someone who doesn't friend me? What are the ethics? The etiquettes? Gah.

I agree about email. Privacy is freaky.

I decided to treat friending the same way I treat subscribing to a newsgroup - a very small newsgroup where posting might be kinda rude. Then some people friended me back and I got embarrassed that people I like well enough to read are going to observe what a freak I end up being. That's when I made my interests more fucked-up, so that they would know.

That can be taken as the first move in a game, seduction in list-of-keywords form. 'Charisma' is so messed-up, a blend of pretty with ugly.

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