Entropy in Action

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This morning I woke early and left the house - husband and kids asleep. The sky was overcast, I thought, but by the time I walked to the bus stop I was aware of the east as an immensity of light. A man in a dark coat was at the bus stop and he spoke to me.

He asked me if I knew when the bus would come and I said No, and I stared at the sky and the trees and tried to avoid being aware of the man. A bus came and he said, "Here's the bus, is this your bus?" and I said "No, I'm waiting for another." So he took himself up into the bus and left me standing in the middle of the morning.

When my bus crossed above the freeway going to DC traffic I noticed that all the people in all those cars were alone. Isolated amidst furious motion. I notice this every time I go out of course but today it struck me that these people might have been robbed of a strength. "Every monster is the revenge of a strength unused." The topography, I saw it, but did I see it with the right eyes?

The seperateness of people, the isolation. The HOV lane. HOV means high occupancy vehicle which means more than one person.

I was always for my self, for being alone, for isolation. I don't like to think about the strength of community. But the traffic car people are monsters and I think they are getting the worst of both worlds.


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